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Winterim 2019

March 4 - March 8

Winterim is a program offered in the upper school to enhance learning opportunities and career experiences. Students are given a choice of three unique opportunities extending beyond the normal high school curriculum. Some travel the world as part of academic and mission trips. Others explore a profession or career that they may be interested in pursuing through internships. Through internships, students are able to experience a profession first-hand before deciding on a college or major. Finally, in the Winterim classes, students find enriching opportunities in courses not traditionally available. 


Trips may be missional or cultural in experience. Trips will span the entire timeframe of Winterim and will usually either begin the Saturday before Winterim and/or last as long as the weekend following Winterim. This year, spring break follows the week of Winterim, so some trips may flow in to that week. Please check each trip promo sheet for specific travel date information.

Winterim 2019 Trip Application

Boston, MA

 This exciting Winterim trip will tour the historical and modern aspects of Boston,   Massachusetts! We’ll take a classy stroll around beautiful historic Boston, go to a   basketball or hockey game, take in a concert or two, venture out of the city to check out   an  operating maple syrup farm, visit Harvard University and MIT for a college tour, and   end each day with a gourmet meal at some of Boston’s finest restaurants. Come see the   birthplace of the American Revolution! If you haven’t been to New England, this is your   next best chance to check it out!

Historic Places and Landmarks—Fenway Park, Site of the Boston Massacre, Boston Common, Paul Revere House, Old North Church, Bunker Hill, Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, Massachusetts State House

Museums—Boston Tea Party Ships Museum, “USS Constitution” Tour and Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and more…

Leisure activities—Celtics game and/or Bruins game, Boston Symphony Orchestra Concert, Theatre/Stage Performance, Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, New England Aquarium, Duck Boat Tour (amphibious vehicle tour), Harvard University Tour, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Tour

Ministry—working with a local Boston ministry

Trip leader is Mr. Christopher Aitken.

Boston Information Sheet


On this eight-day trip to Cuba, students will have the opportunity to meet and connect with Cuban Christians who have endured nearly 60 years of restrictions under a Marxist government. The trip will also offer insights into the economic challenges of Communist life and the unique resilience of the lovely Cuban people. We will visit historic Havana and then travel to Santa Clara to visit churches
that were founded before the revolution. In addition to church activities, the group will visit cultural sites and enjoy a day on the beach in the Cuban Keys.

Members of this team should remember that discretion is essential on this trip. While the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba is improving, Cuba remains a Communist country, ideologically opposed to many of the personal freedoms we take for granted.

Internet access and cell phone coverage is very limited for American cell phones. However, this situation may change completely in the 10 months between now and the trip. Oh, and there are no McDonalds or Starbucks in Cuba. The Cuban diet is limited, and the variety of food is also limited, especially outside of Havana. The island often experiences shortages of food items such as eggs and meat, and Americans must always drink bottled water. This trip will be a great opportunity to practice your Spanish.

Trip leader is Mr. John Northrup, an ACA dad. His parents founded churches in Cuba in the 1950’s, and he has continued to visit the island for the past 30 years.

Cuba Information Sheet


This exciting Winterim trip will make the Biblical accounts come alive as we explore the many of the areas where Jesus walked during His life and ministry here on Earth. Among the places to be explored are Galilee, Jerusalem, Masada (Dead Sea) and Tel Aviv. Get ready to take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, sit where Jesus taught the Sermon on the mount, imagine what it was like to see Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal, visit the Western Wall, see the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.

Trip leader is Miss Lexi Zanias.

Israel Information Sheet


Whistler, British Columbia

On this exciting Winterim trip, we will be skiing/boarding at Whistler Blackcomb just north of Vancouver, British Columbia. We will participate in day trips on skill-appropriate trails and terrain parks, ranging from beginner to pro, depending on the skill level of the group, and at times the individual. Lessons will be available for an additional cost. Additional activities may include: bowling, movies, shopping, indoor rock climbing, axe throwing and snowmobiling (additional cost). There will be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 spaces available on this trip. Due to international air travel, passports are required for this trip.

Trip leader is Mr. Mark Brant.

Whistler, BC Information Sheet



Another exciting part of Winterim is the internship experience. Internship applications will be released in the fall. 

Winterim Internship Application

Internship Summary

Internship Introductory Letter to Host

Internship Attendance Log


The list of Winterim 2019 classes may be found in the link below. Those wishing to enroll in Driver's Ed should register by clicking HERE

2019 Winterim Class Offerings