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Visual Arts

Lower School

The Lower School art room is an exciting and creative place where each student learns the basics of art and creativity through many different mediums ranging from crayons to clay. Beginning in Kindergarten, students will have art class each week. Projects are not only education in the field of art, but often accentuate the topics of study in the academic classroom.

The vibrant and ever-changing displays in the Lower School halls show the progression of work from Kindergarten to fifth grade. All Lower School artwork is also photographed and available for viewing at Artsonia, a favorite place for grandparents and other out-of-town relatives to view students’ creations.


Middle School

In middle school, students work much more with three-dimensional art and experiment on the pottery wheels. Students are encouraged to be creative outside the classroom and submit their work to be part of our fine arts magazine.

Sixth grade students have art class for one semester during which time they build upon the fundamentals of art established in the Lower School. This is an engaging creative outlet that students truly enjoy.

In the seventh and eighth grades art is an elective. Students who choose art have the opportunity to take part in semester-long, smaller classes that delve deeper into the different mediums.


Upper School

Building upon the past experiences in art class, the upper school art room is a place where students not only create, but also learn about art history and what makes good art. Starting with art fundamentals aspiring artists study the building blocks of quality art across a variety of mediums. Advanced art classes take students further as they develop portfolios and explore using their talents in different ways. This year one of the advanced art classes is focused on scenic design and will be working as part of the theatre program to design and create sets for this year's theatre productions.