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Upper School Transfer Policy

In order to maintain ACA’s standards of academic integrity and also provide a fair process for transfer of credits, the following policies and procedures have been established.

Current Students

  • Full-time ACA students may only transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions*. All courses must be approved, in advance, through the Guidance Office.

Incoming Students

  • Courses, credits, and grades from regionally accredited institutions for incoming students (grades 9-12) will be recorded as provided in the student transcript. 
  • AP courses from regionally accredited institutions* will be transferred as recorded in the sending institution’s transcript.
  • Homeschooled students may transfer courses, credits, and grades from nonaccredited organizations (i.e. home schools, private tutors, etc.). The transfer will be recorded as Pass (P) or Fail (F) on the student’s transcript. ACA reserves the right to scrutinize the course content and competencies to discern the awarding of credit. In addition, ACA may require an end of course proficiency test in order to determine placement. In most cases, this will apply to courses in mathematics, foreign language, and the sciences.

*Regionally accredited colleges and universities (e.g. Montreat College, AB Tech), regionally accredited high schools, or regionally accredited high school/college on-line courses