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LC Programs for All Schools

Read below for detailed information about programs available at all school levels. All of our Learning Connections programs have an extra fee. Please contact the school for more information about fees.


Multisensory Structured Language education (MSLE)

  • Research-based instructional approach
  • Designed to meet educational needs of students with significant difficulty learning in the regular classroom
  • Utilizes programs such as Wilson Reading and The Orton-Gillingham approach
  • One-on-one sessions three times per week


Neurofeedback (NFB)

  • Research-based intervention for regulating cognitive, emotional and physical health
  • Potential candidates are students with ADHD, learning disabilities, performance anxiety or autism
  • Other possible candidates are students struggling with focus, attention, concentration and organization
  • Two 45-minute sessions per week 


Academic Support Sessions

  • 30-90 minute sessions    
  • Skills remediation and reinforcement of classroom teaching
  • Implementation of modifications or accommodations      
  • Instruction in organizational and study skills
  • Academic independence development
  • Close communication between home and school                                                                                                                                         

Tutoring / Summer Tutoring

  • 30-90 minute sessions with a trained instructor
  • Focus on remediation of subject skills