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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an ESL Program?

Yes, we have an ESL program. All first year students will need to take our Speech and Composition Course. Returning students have access to our ESL program for help.

Will I have to bring an electronic device?

Yes, our high school students are required to bring a laptop with them each day.

Will I have to travel home during the year?

Yes, our students are required to go home over Christmas break and during the summer months.

Am I required to have a cell phone?

Yes, we require our students to have a cell phone with a local number while here in the United States with a local number.

Do you offer fine arts programs?

Yes, we offer choir, symphonic band, AP Music Theory. We also have a fall drama and spring musical each year.

Do you offer athletic programs?

Yes, we have a Physical Education class and we offer 10 team sports throughout the year.

What does the tuition cost include?

The total tuition cost includes tuition, ESL Speech and Composition, access to ESL program, course fees (including electives and AP courses), Health Insurance, Flik Dining lunch program, and homestay (room, board, and meals).

I am ready to apply. What do I do first?

Asheville Christian Academy practices rolling admissions, meaning that an international student can apply at any time. We begin receiving international student applications for the next year’s fall semester as early as a year in advance. We recommend that international students apply as early as possible.
Step 1: Complete the Application 
Step 2: Submit the Required Documentation

  •  A recent photo of the applicant
  •  A copy of your passport
  •  A certified copy of your academic record (transcript) from 8th grade until the time of your application that is translated into English and scaled to the American (100 point) system.
  • A certified copy of your English proficiency exam results.

Step 3: Interview and Acceptance Process
Step 4: Enrollment & Tuition Payment
Step 5: Visa Application & Travel Arrangements
Step 6: Host Family Placement


Where will I live while attending Asheville Christian Academy?

Students live with an American host family that are either current parents or closely tied in to Asheville Christian Academy.

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