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The Board of Directors function as a policy governance body and do not become involved in the operation of Asheville Christian Academy. Through the means of Ends Statements, the Board of Directors monitors the operation of the school by the Head of School.

The Board of Directors are elected from among the Asheville Christian Academy Corporation membership. This body is comprised of parents, staff, grandparents as well as alumni and others who have been associated with ACA through the years. All members must fully subscribe to the Statement of Faith. 

The Corporation meets annually in the spring to hear reports from the Board of Directors and the Head of School. The corporation also holds an election for any new Board member candidates who are nominated by the Board from among the Corporation membership. 


2019-20 Board of Directors

Matthew Putnam, Chair
Ken Condra
Kevin Hefner
Alex Miller
Courtney Parks

Daren Pinkerton
Nathan Renfro
Fei St.Onge
Julie Wallace
Jay Womack