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Dining Program

Asheville Christian Academy has partnered with Flik nutritionists to design a healthy and well-balanced menu. Each day’s choices are allergy friendly, and gluten-free options are always available. By providing a daily nutritious lunch, we are making a coordinated effort to improve the overall health, including daily eating habits, of our students. Research shows that students who eat a well-balanced meal perform better in school.

In addition, as a college preparatory school, our goal is to prepare our students for college and life beyond Asheville Christian Academy. We want to educate and equip them with information to make quality decisions about their diet now so they develop lifelong healthy habits.

Flik also provides breakfast and break items on a point of purchase basis. Parents are invited to campus at any time to eat with their child.

Please click here to access menus for the Asheville Christian Academy Student Union.