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Academic Plan of Study#

The typical options for a high school four-year plan are listed below.

  9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Bible Old Testament New testament Biblical Discernment(.5)
Origins of the Bible(.5)
Senior Integration Project ^*
English Ancient Literature^ World Literature^ American Literature^
AP Lang. and Comp.*
British Literature^
AP Lit. and Comp.*
Math Algebra I
Algebra II^
Algebra II^
Discrete Math
AP Statistics*
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
History World History^ World History II^ U.S. History^
U.S. History DE*
AP U.S. History
Government (.5)
Government H (.5)
Economics (.5)
Economics H (.5)
French I
French II
Spanish I
Spanish II
Latin I
French II
French III H
Spanish II
Spanish III H
Latin II
French III H
French IV H
Spanish III H
Spanish IV H
Latin III
French IV H
AP French
Spanish IV H
AP Spanish
AP Latin
Science Biology^ Chemistry^ Anatomy & Physiology H - I*, II
Biotechnology H
Environmental Science^
Genetics H (.5)
Microbiology H (.5)
AP Biology
AP Chemistry*
AP Physics*
Fine Arts Electives Art - Fundamentals^, Intermediate^, Advanced H
Upper School Choir^ - I, II, III, IV
Symphonic Band^ - I, II, III, IV
Other Electives AP Music Theory
Computer Programming H
Global Issues
Physical Education
Robotics Engineering H
Senior Discussions (.5)
Strength and Conditioning

# See Parent/Student Handbook for graduation requirements
^ College Preparatory and Honors levels available
* Dual Enrollment offered