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Choral Music

The choral program at ACA is a fun and exciting place to develop a love for music and singing. Instruction in voice begins in our lower school and develops through graded ensembles in the Middle and Upper Schools.

Each year the bands and choirs join together to present three concerts on campus. These are great times of community as a majority of our Middle and Upper Schools come together to make music for the glory of God. The Middle and Upper School Christmas program is a highlight of our Fine Arts Program each year. This concert is a continuous flow of student music that focuses on the Christian celebration of the season. Our Fundraising Dinner Concert is a great time of fellowship that allows our groups to prepare lighter music selections, and our Fine Arts Award concert at the end of the year is a great time of celebration that allows our entire Fine Arts Department to come together.

Sixth Grade Choir: In the 6th grade, students all have a music class and may choose to take band or choir. During this year, students focus more on proper voice production and blending. They perform at all three concerts during the year. 

Middle School Choir (7th-8th grades):   The middle school choir begins to perform more often and provides solid choral instruction. This ensemble participates in the North Carolina Choral Association Middle School District Music Performance Assessment. At the end of the year, this ensemble also participates in the Carowinds Music Festival. 

Upper School Choir (9th-12th grades):   This ensemble is one of the best vocal groups in the area. A large ensemble, this group consists of over 60 students and performs at many venues in the area. The upper school choir participates in the Choral District Music Performance Ensemble alongside the area public schools and receives top marks. In addition to this and school concerts, the choir performs in several church services each year and has traveled to the Southern Star Music Festival, collaborative concerts with other school choirs, and has performed and had clinics at Disney World.

Chamber Singers:   Chamber Singers is an auditioned select ensemble chosen from students in the upper school choir. Each year students have the opportunity to sing advanced literature in a small group setting as an extra-curricular ensemble. This group performs often at the same time as the upper school choir and will also have performances of its own.

Private Vocal Lessons:   As we are able, we offer private voice lessons, along with instrumental lessons, to students on campus with trusted teachers. Currently there are teachers offering: piano, voice, guitar, flute, and brass instruments.